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Aaron Rodgers Injury Thread Discussion


Week one of the NFL season is officially in the books, and unfortunately, the league's four-time MVP, Aaron Rodgers, was one of the many injury casualties.

We will be updating this post as we get more information, but as of now, here is what is being reported:

  • Update: New NFLPA executive director calls for all grass fields.

    • We discussed this extensively in a prior article (see below) that this strategy is destined for failure, and the players should report to training camp with connective tissues (i.e., reactive strength) that are prepared for any artificial turf or natural grass - even provided a training template for the Achilles tendon.

    • Understand: This incomplete strategy is about changing external demands only, not an internal capacity and external demands approach, and is thus destined for failure.

As we do with other current athlete injuries, we want to have a discussion from the strength practitioner's viewpoint on this current injury. Please post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Absolute: The Art and Science of Human Performance
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